Domestic Violence and Abuse Lawyers

It is illegal in the state of Connecticut (and in all other states) to abuse one’s spouse or children physically or sexually.  There are also grounds for emotional abuse.  Marriage does not entitle one party to hit, strike, beat, or otherwise physically harm the other party, nor does it entitle one party to sex.  You are not required to have sex with your spouse. Marital rape is illegal in Connecticut and other states.  Any and all of these factors can be grounds for a divorce and possible legal proceedings against the offending party. 

If you or someone you know is being abused in their marriage or has children who are being abused in any way, contact an attorney and the police immediately.  You may able to obtain a  temporary restraining order against the offending spouse to prevent further abuse.

Susan B. Anthony 24hr Crisis Line: (860)482-7133 or

Interval House for Battered Women: (860) 246-9149 or

Prudence Crandall Center for Women: (860) 225-6357

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