Alimony Lawyers in Fairfield Connecticut

In a contested divorce, divorce attorneys (alimony lawyers) could prove to be indispensable in figuring out the alimony or the spousal support.

Alimony is defined as ”Money a court requires one spouse to pay the other spouse for
support before and/or after the divorce is granted. If you do not ask for alimony
at the final hearing, you can never get it in the future.”

There are different types of alimony that come out during the divorce process.  There is alimony pendente lite, lump-sum alimony, modifiable alimony, periodic alimony, permanent alimony and rehabilitative (time-limited) alimony.

According to Connecticut statutes, the Superior Court may order either of the parties to pay alimony to the other, in addition to or in lieu of an award. The order may direct that security be given therefore on such terms as the court may deem desirable, including an order to either party to contract with a third party for periodic payments or payments contingent on a life to the other party.

The court may order that a party obtain life insurance as such security unless such party proves, by a preponderance of the evidence, that such insurance is not available to such party, such party is unable to pay the cost of such insurance, or such party is uninsurable. In determining whether alimony shall be awarded, and the duration and amount of the award, the court shall hear the witnesses, if any, of each party, shall consider the length of the marriage, the causes for the annulment, dissolution of the marriage or legal separation, the age, health, station, occupation, amount and sources of income, vocational skills, employability, estate and needs of each of the parties and the award, if any, which the court may make, and, in the case of a parent to whom the custody of minor children has been awarded, the desirability of such parent’s securing employment.

The discussion of alimony frequently comes up in immigration context after the alien spouse obtains his/her permanent residence. To learn more about the immigration consequences of alimony, visit our immigration resources.

To obtain equitable distribution of your assets and get the alimony your deserve, contact our divorce lawyers today.

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