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pic3Welcome to the M.C. Law Group. We are full service law firm located in Fairfield, Connecticut. Our lawyers can represent clients in family law and matrimonial actions in both Connecticut and New York.  Our attorneys are dedicated to helping you and your loved ones achieve a fair and just solution to any family law issue. Our experienced family law attorneys can help you through any family law crisis or issue, contested or uncontested. Our lawyers have extensive experience working to protect the rights of parents, spouses, children, unmarried couples, and partners in same-sex relationships. Our goal is to help our clients move on with their lives while minimizing the stress of the transition and protecting their financial, custodial, and personal rights.  Our experienced divorce lawyers provide affordable solutions to the complex emotional and financial problems association with the dissolution of marriage without compromising the integrity and quality of legal representation.

Although every divorce is similar because of the involved emotional angst and frustration, every is divorce is unique and our lawyers are prepared to guide our clients based on the particular family situation.  Some divorce clients are seeking to protect their assets or parental rights; secure child custody rights to allow for flexible child visitation schedule or to maintain sole physical and legal custody to avoid harmful influence or child abuse. Others are seeking alimony and fair distribution of marital property to allow them to start a new life.

Divorce process can be complicated and emotionally draining.  Our lawyers use their counseling and professional skills to address many legal and financial questions. Common concerns are tax consequences of the divorce, valuation of the existing business, pensions and 401k plans, whether a professional license is a part of the marital property; whether one parent can prevent another parent to visit their children; what is “best interest of a child” or whether consent of a spouse is necessary to obtain a divorce.

Our law firm offers an exhaustive and detailed consultation at an affordable rate.

To learn about new developments in the Family Law or find information on Connecticut Child Support Guidelines visit our Legal Resource link.

Our lawyers are skillful negotiators, zealous advocates, and when necessary, aggressive and effective litigators. In addition to the family law, our office provides legal representation in immigration, criminal and tax law matters. We can assist same-sex couples in obtaining green card through marriage or fiancée visas.   Although we are based in Bridgeport, we have a satellite office in Stamford, Connecticut.

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