Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

Our goal at the M.C. Law Group is to help those faced with a possible divorce find the best possible resolution for them to move forward in a positive direction. We do encourage those on the fence about filing for a divorce to seek professional counseling to determine if the marriage can be saved. We also offer mediation services for those who want an uncontested divorce. Nevertheless, whether it is a contested or uncontested divorce, you need to make some well informed decisions.

Connecticut is one of the majority states that offer the no-fault divorces.  Generally, an uncontested ("no-fault") divorce arose when the spouses believe that their marriage is irretrievably broken due to the irreconciable differences. This means that the marriage has broken down to a point where neither of the parties is happy in the marriage and can see no way of fixing it. 

In addition, the no-fault divorce might be suitable when the parties to the divorce have lived apart for reasons of incompatibility for a period of at least eighteen months.  Such a prolonged separation is an indication that the marriage is broken down irretrievably.

If one party feels that the other is largely responsible for the need for a divorce, a "Fault" divorce can be filed.

Our law firm frequently offers fixed fee for an uncontested divorce.   The fixed fee divorce allows clients to manage their budget, obtain dissolution of the marriage speedily and inexpensively.  In Connecticut, an uncontested divorce ("no-fault") divorce can be accomplished within 90-120 days, depending on the court schedule and individual circumstances of the parties to the divorce.  Spouses with children will be required to undertake parental responsibility classes prior to the dissolution of their marriage.

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